United States Poker

Poker is one of the most popular pastimes in the United States today so it’s no wonder that so many US poker players are choosing to spend more of their time in online poker rooms.  Before poker on the Internet US players didn’t have many options.  If they wanted to find a poker game they either ended up at an Indian Casinos or in Las Vegas or Atlantic City.  Even with these options there are still an estimated 200 million US residents who live too far away from any of these options.  Unfortunately there is a lot of erroneous information surrounding the legality of playing poker online in the United States.  This article clearly explains all of these issues and more.  After reading it we are sure that it will put your mind at ease when considering signing up as a US online poker player.

US Poker Rooms
Rank Room Review Bonus Play Now
1 PokerStars 100% Up to $600
2 Bodog Poker 100% Up to $500

Legal Issues

Before the passage of the UIGEA (Unlawful Internet Gaming Enforcement Act) in 2006 US residents were able to play poker online without many issues.  The number one myth surrounding this law is that it makes playing poker online a crime in the US.  The fact is there are millions of US citizens playing poker online every day not one of them has been charged with a crime.  This is because the UIGEA creates hurdles for US banks to process deposits for online poker sites; it does not go after players.  Because the banking system does not have a way to effectively block gaming transactions, this law is effectively a 500 page paperweight.  As player advocate groups lobby congress it’s looking more likely with each passing day that this law will be repealed.  Let’s hope it comes sooner than later.

Poker Sites for US Players

On our site you will find detailed reviews for a large number of online Poker Sites that welcome US Players.  These sites represent the best of the best when it comes to playing poker online, and you will recognize many of them from the sponsorships they provide to some of the biggest names in professional poker.  Most of these sites offer several options for playing including downloadable software as well as no download and instant play versions.  We invite you to take a look around to educate yourself on all the options available for you.