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HORSE Poker Rules

Söndag 08 Mars, Haylie Kramer

hand-chips1HORSE is a poker challenge that grew out of the need for a true test of skill. While all variations of poker are subject to the likes of amateurs, professional poker players desired an arena within which they could play against other professionals, ensuring that all of their opponents would be highly skilled in poker. As a result, they came up with HORSE, a five-game mix that only experienced players can excel in. In order to play HORSE, you have to be a great poker player and must be skilled in the five forms of poker that make up a HORSE tournament. These five games are Texas Hold ‘em, Omaha, Razz, Seven Card Stud, and Seven Card Stud Eights or Better (also known as Seven Card Stud Hi/Lo); hence the acronym, H.O.R.S.E.

How to play the game 

Each one of these five games that make up a HORSE tournament are all very different games of poker, and each one requires a high degree of poker skill, especially when you put them all together. Chances are an amateur player will not be proficient in all of these games; therefore, players can pretty much guarantee some pretty stiff competition. Professional poker players, when playing to sharpen their skills and knowledge of poker, prefer hard competition. When they are playing to win money, that’s when they are looking for an easier game.

In a HORSE tournament, the games rotate, as players play until they’ve fulfilled a set of hands, played out a time limit, reached the blind limit, or after a complete cycle of the dealer button has been passed around the table. Then the next game is introduced and played out until all five games have been played. Only the strongest poker players can survive through all five games, as it is important to stay on top through each game rotation. While some players do have at least one game they are not as strong in, in HORSE, it is not a good strategy to believe you will just skirt your way through your weakest game.

HORSE for beginners

There is a place for novice players in HORSE, though. At low stakes it can be a very good way to test and improve your skills in each poker variation. If you can play HORSE, you can play at any poker table in the world, whether it be online, at a land-based casino, or in a friend’s basement. Playing HORSE is an esteemed talent and players who have mastered each of the five games in HORSE will be more respected by their opponents.