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Best Linux Poker Rooms Online

imgLinux poker rooms are often harder to locate than Windows-based or even Mac-friendly poker rooms. However, there is a decent amount of poker sites that do offer online Linux poker, and every day, more and more online poker rooms are working towards becoming Linux-friendly. Just as they have embraced Mac users, they are now supporting Linux players. Many times, playing at an online poker room on a Linux system is as easy as installing Java and using a poker room’s flash software, if available. Another option is to install the free Wine program, which makes some Windows poker software compatible with Linux computers. However, if you don’t want to fool with either of these options, the table below offers a selection of the best Linux poker rooms online that are already Linux-ready.

Using Java to Play Online Linux Poker

Most no-download poker rooms that offer flash-based software to their players are already Linux capable, but they may not directly indicate this to you. To make these instant play applications work with your Linux system, simply download and install the latest version of Java. In most cases, just by clicking on the instant play poker link, you’ll be offered the opportunity to install Java onto your computer if you don’t have it already. Java is free and safe for your computer and makes it easy to play online Linux poker from any Linux computer.

Using Wine to Play Online Linux Poker

While this method doesn’t work 100% of the time, and only some poker room applications are compatible with the Wine software application, many players have successfully used it to turn otherwise non Linux poker rooms into operational platforms for their Linux computers. Wine is a free download that allows you to run the Windows-based poker software applications right from your Linux-based computer. Some online poker sites work better than others via this software program and again, some poker rooms don’t work with Wine at all. Also, the version of Wine that you install and use to access the Windows-based poker software will also determine the effectiveness of this method. Some versions are more compatible and run more smoothly. The recommended versions of Wine to use to play online Linux poker include Wine 20050211 and Wine 20050524.

Linux Poker Rooms

Every day, more and more online poker rooms are adapting to the multitude of needs that online poker players demand, online Linux poker being one of those demands. Therefore, more poker sites are making it easier for players to play online Linux poker, as we see more and more of the little penguin icons showing up on the homepage of many popular online poker rooms. When you see this symbol, it means that these sites are Linux poker rooms, and you’re golden with nothing extraneous to do in order to play poker online using your Linux system. As most online poker establishments have now conquered the Mac-compatibility problem, we will now see more and more of them tackling the Linux-compatibility issues.